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Our name says it all! You have entered the iTech Products where you are able to choose from a wide range of products! See how easy it is to order a complete turnkey solution that is built on 18 years of experience.

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No other CCTV company can claim this!  Our systems are equipped with built-in intelligence and numerous features that improve the quality of video, while conforming to the legal standards and formats required by law enforcement and other government agencies. Check out our solutions and services option, as well as the FAQs section where you will find in-depth knowledge about the vast CCTV/DVR technology, and in particular, our products and solutions. Rest assured of our pricing, our parent company is an international manufacturer, importer and distributor of Surveillance systems. Let us ship you our quality products today!


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Professional Certifications

With such Certifications to back us up; how can you think twice about going anywhere else for your service needs?

Network Operating System
  Microsoft Certified Professional Trainer (MCT)
  Microsoft Certified Professional Systems Engineer (MCSE)
  Microsoft Certified Professional + Internet (MCP)
  Microsoft Certified Professional Product Specialist (MCP)
  Novell Netware Certified
  UnixWare Install Course Certification

eMail / GroupWare
   Microsoft Exchange Professional (MCP)
   Certified Lotus Professional on Lotus Notes/Domino (CLP)
   Novell GroupWare Administration Course Certification

Enterprise Management /Security/Network Related
   Certified Unicenter Engineer (CUE by CA)
   Network Associates Certified Professional (NACP) Total Network
       Security (PGP, Firewall, & Cyber Cope)
   Intel Certified Engineer
  COMPAQ Accreditied Systems Engineer (ASE/Compaq)
   Citrix Certified Professional
   Vinca Certified Engineer
   Authorized ArcServe Technical Resource
   Authorized HSM Technical Resource
   3Com IP Routing Fundamentals
   3Com Access Builder / NETBuilder
  3com Telephony Associate (NBX)

  CIW Professional
  CIW Associate

   Compaq Certified Associate  
  A+ Certified
  3com Certified
  HP STAR Technical  
  Advanced NetServer Techincal Training
  HP Vectra Training (SPN 050,051,054)
HP LaserJet Basic Hardware Training (SPN 901)
   HP Netserver Training (SPN 040)
HP LaserJet 4SI/4SIMX Training (SPN 326
HP LaserJet all 2000(D) Series Training
HP LaserJet all 4000(N) Series Training
HP Laserjet all 5000(N) Series Training
HP Laserjet all 8000(N) Series Training
HP LaserJet III Training
HP LaserJet 5M Training

  And more...















































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